Gardening & Pressure Washing

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Backyard Washing

The gardeners use high-performance jet washers that are great against a wide variety of common stains. For instance:

  • Accumulated dirt and grime;

  • Pesky moss, weeds, and algae;

  • Even some chemical residues.

Gardening Tools

Professional garden services

  • Fully equipped teams with all the needed tools

  • All gardeners are fully vetted and DBS checked

  • Can also help with fencing, decking, paving and more

  • Additional materials, such as plants, fertilizers, soil, can be provided upon request.

Efficient London gardeners

The friendly and experienced teams are ready to turn any space or garden, into a neat and relaxing space

Planting Boxes

Gardening is an hourly-based service and the experienced team of 2 local gardeners will do as much work as possible for the time booked.

We Provide free garden maintenance advice, based on your garden layout and vegetation plus

  • Pruning, trimming, grass cutting, weeding and planting in any weather

  • Reliable & attentive local gardeners covering the Greater London area

  • Teams of 2 fully-equipped and protected with safety gear gardeners

  • Available 7 days a week, even on bank holidays

  • FREE collection & disposal of 180l of green waste

Pressure Washing Service in London

  • Done with high-end equipment by local teams

  • Professional pressure washing for mossy, slippery stains

  • Ideal for patio, driveway, deck, wall, fence, or slabs cleaning

  • Eco-friendly & detergent-free cleaning available 7 days a week

Pressure Washer on Stairs